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Justin's home page

Hi all! Thank you for blessing this site with your presence! As you can see from the web counter you are in an elite group that has actually seen my web page.

Wondering who I am? My name is Justin Philipps and I attend the University of Wisconsin at Madison (#1 city in America, bonus). There is a lot more to me but to find that out you will have to move around my page a bit.

Below is a list of interesting things that I like and enjoy.

My Biography A short history of my life which will occasionally include an update of what is new with me.

Arnold looking big!Weightlifting : My thoughts on one of the biggest parts of my life. Also some links including an image page.

Gibson Les PaulMusic page What I think of music and especially guitar.

One mean ass TyphoonGMC Typhoon Believe me this truck rocks! This is the link to the Syclone/Typhoon home page.

Nice 'CudaCar Links Some of my other car links. Including my truck and it's mod page. Also some pictures from GLG.

My good friendSome of my friend's pages. Take this link to see some pictures and explanations.

Slosh's page One of My buds at UW Madison, the name says enough.

Dayvz house One hell a good guy enduring the Minnesota winter at Winona.

Waylon's page No I don't know Waylon Jennings, it was my freshman year roomate.

Sheldon's Page A roommate and overall cool guy check him out

To see some of my friends Take this link to see some of the people I know. Warning the only time I take pictures of people is when I am drunk.

Ahh What we all love!Drinking Links What all good college students love to do.

Motion WEducation Page University of Wisconsin, Madison links. (That's where I go to school)

World Record BuckHunting page If you are looking for blood and gore, look elsewhere. Hunting is much different from that to me. Have a look.

LinksLinks Other miscellaneous links. Including movie stuff, car stuff, other stuff.

Don't Panic :-)This will get better
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