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My Edumacation

Education is long and boring. Avoid it if you can. If you can't then pretend to be another pathetic sheep simply following the heard that is lead by government bureaucrats and like it. What have I done, education wise in the past? Bad question, you will regret it. I started in a small Catholic grade school and when we moved to Franklin in 3rd grade I went to Public schools for a while. This had it's advantages and disadvantages, but you don't need to know those. When I got to high school I decided to go to Martin Luther HS, a Lutheran HS. Although the school's policies were a little bit suspect the friends I met were great and the faculty was more than that they were in a sense friends. Call me corny but that's the way it is. From there I went to the University of Wisconsin, Madison. If you live in Wisconsin, go here! It is cheap and a great place to live not to mention that you can get a great education (so they tell me).

I have been planning my life since before I can remember and since then the path for me was to go to undergrad and then Law school. Still sounds like a great idea but I am having my second thoughts. Some options open to me are going instead to a tech. school to learn cars. I love getting my hands dirty and everybody tells me that I should pursue something that makes my happy, cars do. Another option is the Marines. This idea has been met with heavy opposition, mostly from my parents, but still remains on the forefront of my mind. The chance to prove to myself what I can do sounds great, only thing is it is 4 years of my life without options. Anyway in the meantime I am going to school looking at majoring in Business right now.

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