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Music and Guitar page


This is my page devoted to music. Ever since I can remember I have been involved in music. I started playing violin when I was 4 years old and from what others say I was pretty good when I quit, I was 14-15. I had opportunities to play with Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra members and some very distinguished other people. In all I consider it to be one of the most valuable things I learned early in life. In 7th grade I started playing alto sax and guitar. I also had a small fascination with drums. When I got to high school I switched the alto sax for a tenner sax and let the guitar thing slip. Since then I have returned to guitar several times, and know find it a great source of relaxation. I play all types of music but have enjoyed acoustic things for the guitar most.

That is not true for my other listening habits, though. In short I like everything. My favorite areas of music are classics and rock, but I also like rap, techno, classical, new age, jazz, blues, and even a little country. I have a CD collection of over 300 disks that is always expanding. If you read my hunting page you will realize how that effects my life. The same thing holds true for music.

When I am sad, I listed to music. When I am mad, I listen to music. When I am confused, I listen to music. When I am.... you get the idea. I don't have lots of friends and like it that way, instead I prefer to sit with myself and listen to songs that always seam to say the right thing, whatever that might be.

In summary I would consider music to be the single biggest influence in my life. My favorite bands include, Neil Young, Metallica, Ozzy Osbourne, Crosby, Stills, Nash, (&Young), Pantera, White Zombie, and many others. There are some links to some of those bands below.


Like I mentioned guitar has been an on and off thing with me in the past. When I play I love it when am busy I forget about it. I do try though, to spend as much time with it as possible. For anyone who has ever been interested in an instrument I suggest looking at guitar. The theory you learn translates to almost every other instrument and the guitar is the most versatile instruments I can think of. If you are young you can play anything from metal to classics, and as you get older and your preferences change so can you music. If you enjoy folk and jazz the guitar fits in, if you enjoy country and metal the guitar still fits. Almost anything can be played with a guitar. Below are a list of some guitar sites I especially suggest looking at OLGA, they have almost all of the tabs you could ever want.

Here are those links I promised:

List of all My CD's An idea I stole from Dave (sorry about that)

OLGA (On Line Guitar Archive)





Neil Young

More to come later