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Lifting Page

"if it's true like they say, that life is short, you might as well go around with really big biceps"

I'm glad you decided to come to this page. No one would guess by looking at me that Weight Lifting is big in my life, but just you wait. I started lifting on a regular basis in January 1996 and since then have fallen in love with it. I spend between one and two hours at the gym five days a week and consider it the best spent time of my day. I am looking to someday to be as big as possible, that is not the reason I lift though.

I lift because of the sense of accomplishment that it gives me. I lift by myself and thus have no one to answer to, just the weights and myself. When I complete a lift there are no congratulations or acknowledgments, just the feeling within myself that I can do something that I couldn't do before.

My personal role model is Arnold Schwarzenegger and I practically live in his book "Encyclopedia of Modern Bodyduilding" (I suggest if you are at all interested in lifting that you pick it up). I not only admire him for his many bodybuilding accomplishments but also for his humanitarian side as well as his role as a father. Not too many people can balance as many things as he does and still remain so accomplished in each.

Here are a few places on the web that contain Body Building information:

Ironman Magazine

Muscle Media 2000 A advocate of natural bodybuilding

Arnold Links

Much more to come later!!!