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Bottom's up

I know that your friends may me doing it, and sure they look like they are having a great time at it. What you don't see though is when they wake up hung over and feeling like a manure spreader just ran them over. You also don't see the potential fines and other problems that drinking can get you into. With that said I would like to add that all a load of SHIT!

Drinking is fun, it is a great chance to meet people, and it makes the time just fly by. I encourage it in all people, sure you say you are only 10 years old, that is no reason not to drink, just find some older, cool looking guy and have them get you a bottle of Rum. Then go get nuts.

You may have seen that I live in Madison, the original party town. If you think you know how to party just come up for a football weekend in the fall, you will find you were terribly wrong. If you need you can crash at my place, just drop me a line. We can definitely show anybody a good time.

One small side note on the above, I don't say that everybody should drink all the time, just when they want to. I have several friends that are completely dry and that is very cool, I too have found my limits and now adhere to them. Try to stay in control, this is really the most important thing.

Following this is a list of links that may help you with your search for the perfect drink. In my estimation the best drink is whatever gets you drunk while spending the least amount of money. This is relatively simple, take Vodka and mix it strongly (50/50) with anything you have laying around. Try to stay away from water. Vodka and water tastes about as good as Vinegar and trust me I know how both taste and I don't suggest either one.

The Virtual Bar An old Classic. Lots of information on drinking and everything to do with drinking.

Drink Recipe Guide Lots of recipes, some odd ones too.

Mixed Drink Page Recipes and some good bartending tips.

New Drink Recipes Like it says, newer recipes.

MGD Tap Room

Miller Light Give it up for DICK (I am still doing research but I think he might really be my father).

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