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My car page

If you couldn't tell I like cars. In fact if other things don't pan out that is where I see myself occupying the rest of my life! Not only do I just like cars, I like fast cars best but only for there potential (my folks are probably reading this so that is my disclaimer)

I drive a 1993 GMC Typhoon, for any of you that might not know what that is, it is the SUV that looks like a GMC Jimmy to some demented people that will blow the doors off just about any car out there. If you drive a Rustang chances are all you have seen of one is the rear end. That's about all you will see too.

The other car I normally drive is a 1991 Spirit R/T. This too is not any normal car. The guts come from a 2.2 liter Turbo charged and Intercooled 4-banger. With 224 HP from the factory it will get to 60 in about 6 seconds. Again sorry buzzstang owners now you get beat by GM and Dodge. And in front wheel drive form too. How embarrassing it must be for you!

The cars I like are not only limited to these two though, in fact there are really not any cars that I wouldn't drive if I had to. (On second thought, maybe Fordzzz). No that isn't true either, in fact my Step-father has a Ford Taurus SHO that too rocks. Very nice car especially on the open road. There should be a link below take a look.

Here is my Detailed Mods list page

Here are a few of my favorite links.

Some cool pictures of cars that I like.

Here are some pictures from GLG I think the pictures tell the story well enough so take a look.

Some Typhoon links:

Turbo Trans-Am Some very cool Turbo twins of my Typhoon

Turbo Regal Page Also Turbo twins of the 'Phoon

Spirit R/T link This is one of the only places on the net that actually know these things exist

SHO times The difinitive SHO link