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All About Me

Hi I am me! My name is Justin Michael Philipps and currently I live in Franklin, WI, (My home) and go to school in Madison, WI. I was born in a small town in the upper peninsula of Michigan, Menominee to be exact. There I lived for the first 8 years of my life. I then moved to Franklin, WI, as a result of my Mother's second marriage to my current step-father Steve Montgomery. Throughout the years they have popped out two kids: my little brother David(6) and my littler sister Sarah(4). They are both great as you probably know if you have ever seen them. My dad on the other hand is the type that is married, occasionally. Just recently he too had a kid with his latest wife (an accident if you ask me, but I didn't tell you that). My father still lives in Menominee.

Like I said I moved to Franklin which is a suburb of Milwaukee when I was eight. Don't get my wrong the big city has its advantages but I am a small town boy at heart. I love nothing more to be by myself in Michigan. That pretty much holds true for everywhere though. I would rather be by myself than in a group. The one exception is my close friends. I definitely enjoy there company, and we always find something to do. I am a lone wolf otherwise, hiding most of myself from others. I figure why should they know too much about me it can only be a bad thing.

I consider myself to be a pretty odd person, I like what I like and don't always have a high tolerance for other things. This has gotten me in trouble in the past with friends but nothing that can't be worked out. I consider myself pretty difficult to get along with, although the people that I do get along with I get along with great. These people it seams often think in much the same manner as I do so I guess that helps.

Although I love nothing more then the company of a woman that means something to me. However, it never seams that I meet anybody that I care about while I am looking for someone to care about. Maybe that is why I don't ask many women out. There have been women throughout my young life and I will remember each of them forever but everyone keeps telling me to move on so I will (the ex's should appreciate that last part sorry for putting you through it). With that said let me say that I am now alone, utterly alone, but like I said earlier I like it that way.

Sorry for dragging you through that utterly boring stream of thought on my first nineteen years of life. Now for what I have been up to lately......


FIRST INSTALMENT-Lately I have been very busy despite having only eight credits. I have been spending between an hour and two at the gym everyday and up to two hours each day playing guitar. I have also been working on this damn addictive web page for a week or so now. Tell me what you think. Other than that I have been working on picking out parts for my truck which by the end of the summer should be much quicker, even more than it is now. Other than that I have generally been looking forward to summer, like the rest the people around school. All I can say is it will certainly suck when I have to get a real job and work through the summer. Well whoever is reading this I promise the next installment will be better, but for now let me thank you for listening to me.

UPDATE 4-15-97- Howdy to all you out there that might happen to look this way. Not too much new on this end, just a normal week with a little work a little play and a little other stuff. This past Friday I did have a root canal (no don't cringe). This must be the single most over feared dental procedure I can think of. There was absolutely no pain what-so-ever. I mean nothing, nada, zip. If you ever have to have one don't worry about it, they are a breeze. Other than that I have been thawing out like the rest of Wisconsin, winter refuses to let go here. Well I lied I said subsequent updates would be better, well this one isn't but that is only because I don't really feel like writing anything now. Sorry about that.

UPDATE 11-8-97 Okay if you are quick you will see that I am writing this on a Sautrday night. Call me a looser. Actually my girlfriend is busy tonight so I am here telling you more about me. In the last 7 months as you can imagine alot has happened. Some of the high points were finishing one year of college, starting to modify my truck, buying a motorcycle, making some money, and finding a great girlfriend. Actually she was a friend from 10-96 and things finally worked out this year. As you night be able to tell I am happy to be with her. Other than that not much is new. I am back at school, now I have the great idea that I should major in Marketing, at least it is more usefull than poli sci. Anyway I guess I am setting a trend that this section sucks, oh well if you got this far you must be really bored or even more pathetic than me. Anyway I'll write again sometime.